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Jax Taylor Breaks Silence on Separation From Brittany Cartwright

Proof Machine Gun Kelly Is Changing His Stage Name After Over a Decade; How Justin Bieber and Wife Hailey Bieber Turned Into Such a Candid Married Couple; Thomas Kingston's Cause of Death Revealed; and more from E! News... March 01, 2024   View Online   NEWS STYLE LIVING SHOP NEWS STYLE LIVING SHOP   The Baldwin Family has been making headlines over the past few days and we want all the tea... ๐Ÿซ– After asking followers to pray for Justin and Hailey Bieber, Stephen Baldwin has left us scratching our heads again with his latest Instagram story . So, what's really going on with the Hollywood "it" couple ? ๐Ÿค” While we wait for answers, here's more of today's top stories and deals  worth checking out...   Jax Taylor Breaks Silence on Separation From Brittany Cartwright Hours after Jax Taylor's wife, Brittany Cartwright, revealed the duo was living separately, the Vanderpump Rules alum is sharin

A dramatic expansion of Bass' homeless program

Bass said she intends to propose $250 million for Inside Safe, which moves unhoused residents off sidewalks and into hotel and motel rooms.
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Click to view images Fighting homelessness was the main focus of Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass in her first State of the City address. (Carolyn Cole / Los Angeles Times)

By Kevinisha Walker, Elvia Limรณn

Hello, it's Tuesday, April 18, and here are the stories you shouldn't miss today:


Mayor Karen Bass announces $250-million expansion of homelessness program

In her first State of the City speech, Mayor Karen Bass announced a dramatic expansion of her signature program to move homeless people indoors, while also pledging to transform the city into "a new L.A."

Bass said she intends to propose $250 million for Inside Safe, which moves unhoused residents off sidewalks and into hotel and motel rooms, as part of a $1.3-billion investment in housing and homelessness programs — an amount she called "unprecedented," according to a prepared copy of her speech, which began just after 6 p.m. Monday.

Writers Guild members vote to authorize a strike

Leaders of the Writers Guild of America have secured a strong showing of support from its members, moving the union closer to a possible work stoppage that would disrupt Hollywood production and ripple across Southern California's economy.

WGA members voted by a historic margin — 98% to 2% — (among 9,218 ballots cast) in favor of a strike authorization, which allows union leaders to call a walkout if they are unable to negotiate a new film and TV contract.

Abortion case poses a dilemma for Supreme Court conservatives

The Supreme Court's fast-track encounter with abortion pills this week may reveal much about the three justices who were crucial to overturning Roe vs. Wade and the constitutional right to abortion.

The nine justices must decide whether to block a lower court decision to revoke the FDA's approval of the drug, mifepristone, entirely or impose new restrictions on its use, such as forbidding sending the drug through the mail or limiting its use to end pregnancies to seven weeks instead of the FDA's current 10-week limit.

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Coronado is a flagrant violator of California's affordable housing law

Coronado is arguably the most flagrant resister of a state affordable housing law designed to give housekeepers and others, from teachers to nurses, a chance at an apartment in places that would otherwise be out of their reach.

Coronado's elected officials have thumbed their noses at Gov. Gavin Newsom and state regulators, calling the process "central planning at its worst" and assuring residents that it will be years before the state cracks down.

A search for justice after mentally ill 17-year-old stabs janitor to death

Jose Tomas Mejia was a beloved husband and service worker when he died in a senseless stabbing at the hands of a teen he'd never met. His killer was suffering from schizophrenia and desperately needed treatment. Mejรญa's murder and the prosecution of his teenage killer underscore the complicated search for justice when people who commit horrific crimes are young and mentally ill.

The youth was 17 at the time of the crime; under state law, he'll likely be released when he's 25.

That infuriates Mejรญa's wife, Dora Molina, and loved ones, who say "race, class and privilege" skewed the outcome of "this tragedy." Mejรญa is Latino, his killer, white.

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A man stands in sunlight, largely obscured by a deep shadow, near red background.
A gay man who gave his name as Clifford in Kampala, Uganda, earlier this month. Read more: "Uganda may impose some of the world's strictest anti-gay measures: 'You're fearing for your life'" (Wally Skalij / Los Angeles Times)


A federal court slows a California ban on natural gas appliances. A three-judge panel sided with the California Restaurant Assn. against a Berkeley policy that 'prohibits the installation of natural gas piping within newly constructed buildings.'

Torrance cops face manslaughter charges in the killing of Christopher Deandre Mitchell. Matthew Concannon, Anthony Chavez face voluntary manslaughter charges in the shooting death of Mitchell.

Scooter operators say strict rules and rampant theft threaten business in San Diego. Thieves are targeting the most advanced scooters — the only models that don't struggle with San Diego's unusual sidewalk slowdown rule.

Colder temperatures and gusty winds are expected in SoCal before warming up later this week. A low-pressure system is expected to move inland from the north until Wednesday, bringing cool, gusty winds, according to the weather service.

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Homeowner shoots and injures Black teen who went to the wrong house in Missouri. The Kansas City Star reported that the 16-year-old victim was hospitalized Thursday night after he was shot while trying to pick up his younger twin brothers from a friend's house. Police said he went to the wrong house and was shot there.

Chauvin's murder conviction was upheld in George Floyd's killing. The Minnesota Court of Appeals upheld former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin's second-degree murder conviction in the killing of George Floyd, and let his 22 1/2-year sentence remain in place.

Fathers shot, daughters killed in bombings: Ghosts of the blood-soaked Troubles haunt Northern Ireland. With the Troubles on the cusp of living memory and beginning a passage into history, some observers point to a fundamental disconnect: the starkly different stories that people tell themselves and each other about the years of violence.


He's back? Frank Ocean remains willfully elusive at his headlining Coachella show. Though it started almost an hour late — and was apparently cut short as a result of the festival's curfew — this was perhaps the most elaborately conceived Coachella performance since Beyoncรฉ's game-changing set in 2018.

Armie Hammer's sexual-assault allegations are being reviewed by L.A. prosecutors. The "Call Me by Your Name" star has been under investigation by LAPD sex-crimes detectives since 2021 after multiple women publicly accused him of sexual assault.

'Love is Blind' live reunion turns into a debacle for Netflix. The heavily promoted special turned into a humiliating debacle for the streaming service, which was forced to delay the broadcast for more than 90 minutes because of unspecified technical difficulties and was then scrapped entirely in favor of a taped special that Netflix made available to subscribers on Monday at noon PT.


David's Bridal files for bankruptcy protection and may close all stores. David's Bridal filed for bankruptcy protection for the second time and could close all of its nearly 300 stores if the company is unable to find a buyer in the coming weeks.

Column: Hate Fox News? Too bad — you still have to pay for it. If you're a cable channel subscriber, you're almost certainly paying for Fox News, whether you like it or not.

'Quiet luxury': No flash, no logos, but big-time style. Call it stealth wealth, or quiet luxury. For the rich and those who aspire, logo-free fashion with outsize price tags is having a moment — at least among people who can spend in the face of higher inflation and a volatile economy.


The Dodgers couldn't make Cody Bellinger a star again. 'Sometimes you just don't have any answers.' For his first three years in a Dodgers uniform, Cody Bellinger was one of the best stories in the majors. Over his final three seasons with the club, however, he transformed into one of the sport's biggest conundrums.

Evans Chebet and Hellen Obiri give Kenya a Boston Marathon sweep. Defending champion Evans Chebet won the Boston Marathon again on Monday, surging to the front at Heartbreak Hill to spoil the much-anticipated debut of world record holder Eliud Kipchoge and win in 2 hours, 5 minutes, 54 seconds.

Jalen Hurts agrees to a five-year, $255-million extension with the Eagles. Jalen Hurts is set to sign one of the richest deals in NFL history.

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The Pentagon's Ukraine leak will do vast damage to the U.S. and its allies. The truth is that we don't yet know how serious the consequences of this leak could be, but early indications are that there will be serious fallout.

Who gets to be an 'L.A. Pilates girl'? An exercise that was intended to be based in the community has become exclusive, from what writer Amanda Walujono has seen, with mostly wealthy white women dominating Los Angeles' Pilates culture.

U.S.-China tensions are feeding a new wave of anti-Asian hate. Amid widening U.S.-China tensions, American extremists and officials alike are stoking fears that will start another surge of racism toward Chinese people and others of Asian descent.


where to go for a workday lunch
(Laura Liedo / For The Times)

Is lunch making a comeback? Recently we've noticed that restaurant hours and menus have expanded to once again accommodate midday meals.

You might want an extravagant lunch, and some of the wallet-splitting options around town are impressive, but you'd do just as well to find a soulful neighborhood spot, counter-service oysters or a classic pastrami joint.

In this guide, we offer 14 of our favorite L.A. restaurants perfect for a working lunch.


Damaged buildings post-earthquake
Damaged buildings after an earthquake and fire in San Francisco in 1906. (Los Angeles Times)

On April 18, 1906, San Francisco and the surrounding area were struck by a 7.8-magnitude earthquake. Massive fires followed, burning a large portion of the city over the course of three days. Three thousand people were killed in the disaster, and half of San Francisco's population became refugees.

Other destructive quakes would follow — Long Beach in 1933, Sylmar in 1971, Loma Prieta in 1989 and Northridge in 1994. But none compared to 1906. In 2018, the Times wrote about how more than a century later, California is still dealing with that legacy. Some cities are now in the midst of new efforts to retrofit buildings to better protect them during a major quake. These efforts are far from uniform across California — and experts say they still leave many people and buildings vulnerable.

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