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Trista Sutter Breaks Silence About Her Absence and Reunites With Husband Ryan and Kids

See How Kate Gosselin and Jon Gosselin's 8 Kids Have Grown Up Through the Years; Grayson Murray's Cause of Death at 30 Confirmed by His Parents; Kourtney Kardashian Reacts to Son Mason Disick Officially Joining Instagram; and more from E! News... May 26, 2024   View Online   NEWS VIDEOS PHOTOS SHOP NEWS VIDEOS PHOTOS SHOP   Trista Sutter Breaks Silence About Her Absence and Reunites With Husband Ryan and Kids VIEW   See How Kate Gosselin and Jon Gosselin's 8 Kids Have Grown Up Through the Years VIEW   Grayson Murray's Cause of Death at 30 Confirmed by His Parents VIEW   Kourtney Kardashian Reacts to Son Mason Disick Officially Joining Instagram VIEW   The Tragic Truth About Amy Winehouse's Final Days VIEW SEE MORE   Follow @enews    

Maui needs tourist dollars after fire

Maui saw 4,444 new jobless claims last week, according to Hawaii, up 3,603% from before the wildfire. West Maui is losing an estimated $9 million a day.
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Click to view images Lahaina residents and volunteers join hands in prayer at an aid distribution center on Wahinoho Way. (Robert Gauthier/Los Angeles Times)

By Karim Doumar

Hello, it's Monday, Aug. 28, and here are the stories you shouldn't miss today:


Fearing economic disaster, Maui wants tourists to return. But feelings are complicated. The line at Paia Fish Market usually extends so far down the main drag that staffers can't see the end of it through their front window. But that hasn't been the case as of late, with tragedy on Maui slowing foot traffic in typically busy spots to a trickle.

There were 4,444 new unemployment claims filed in Maui last week, according to the state — and a 3603% increase from the weekly claims before the wildfire. In West Maui alone, there is an estimated economic loss of $9 million a day.

Nancy Pelosi on Dylan, the Grateful Dead, a wild night in Argentina — and the healing power of music. It may be easier to picture the former speaker, still one of America's most influential women, surrounded by suits and wingtips than beads and sandals.

But Pelosi, who grew up listening to opera wafting through the streets of Baltimore's Little Italy, is a genuine tie-dyed in the wool Deadhead, as cultists and aficionados of the group are known.

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'A place of happiness': The colorful past and uncertain future of Cook's Corner. Cook's Corner is an anachronism, a throwback to when Orange County was known mostly for its eponymous trees and its ranches and orchards stretching to the sea.

That idyll ended abruptly Wednesday when a gunman fired on a crowd that had gathered to listen to a cover band on spaghetti night at the watering hole.

Worried about climate change? You can make a difference — here's how. The specter of climate change can feel overwhelming. The issues are multifaceted, making it difficult to know what changes need to be made and how we can help.

This resource guide includes opportunities for education, volunteering, activism and more. There are options for plant lovers, for beachgoers who want a clean landscape, and people who are fighting food waste.



Jay Shetty went from monk to celebrity life coach. Just don't call him a 'guru.' Not long ago, Shetty struggled to attract 10 people to mindfulness events. Now he has the ear of celebrities, star athletes, even President Biden.

How L.A. can build more housing without looking like New York. Yes, Southern California needs more housing density, but we can put our sprawl to use without ditching our spacious vibe.

Why did California officials drop two mountain lions in the desert and leave them to die? After two mountain lions who were transplanted to the Mojave Desert died of starvation, California wildlife officials have revised their relocation policy.


A man in a dark shirt and beige pants holds his hands out toward a smiling boy in blue shirt surrounded by other boys
Louis Lappe celebrates with manager Danny Bole and teammates after hitting a solo walk-off home run during the sixth inning of the Little League World Series Championship game. (Gene J. Puskar / Associated Press)

El Segundo takes Little League World Series title on walk-off homer. Summer baseball ended Sunday for the El Segundo Little League team. Players will be headed home to begin classes. Gloves, bats and cleats will be put away. Chores, such as taking out the trash or walking the dog, will resume.

Except what a tale they will get to share after experiencing the journey of a lifetime.



Mark Ridley-Thomas, facing years in federal prison, to learn fate at sentencing. The once formidable power broker of Los Angeles County and now-disgraced ex-politician will learn whether he will spend the next months or years in federal prison.

Rising temperatures prompt excessive-heat warnings this week for much of Southern California. Valley and mountain areas will see temperatures between 99 and 109 degrees.

From 'mission accomplished' to riot: Inside the chaotic first month at Los Padrinos. In just its first month of operation since reopening, L.A. County's Los Padrinos Juvenile Hall has seen a brawl and a chaotic escape attempt.

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'Visit, spend, go home': What people in Maui want you to know if you visit. Hawaii and Maui leaders urge tourists to act with empathy when visiting the popular island as people mourn after deadly fires. Here's what you should know.


The ultimate guide to everything Beyoncรฉ. Do you confuse Honey Balenciaga with Honey Dijon? Carlos Basquiat with Jean-Michel Basquiat? Let The Times help, with this handy glossary for all things Bey.

'Barbie' becomes highest-grossing movie of 2023 as 'Gran Turismo' zooms to No. 1 at the box office. "Barbie" has officially surpassed "The Super Mario Bros. Movie" as the highest-grossing domestic release of 2023. "Gran Turismo" debuted at No. 1.

'Power Rangers' at 30: How a show with Japanese monsters and teen drama captured a generation. On Aug. 28, 1993, the first episode of "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers" hit the airwaves and forever changed pop culture. Thirty years later, it continues to capture the imaginations of children.


Americans face an epidemic of loneliness. For some, supermarket self-checkouts make it worse. In an age of increased isolation and loneliness, some Americans see skipping self-checkout as a path toward connection.

Threatening letter keeps IATSE offices in Burbank closed and cancels weekend event. Police are investigating the letter sent to the film-crew union offices as the writers' and actors' strikes drag on.


Plaschke: USC wins its opener, but there's no defense for its damn defense. Lincoln Riley and Alex Grinch promised USC was fixing its problems on defense, but the Trojans' defensive unit still looks like last year's battered burden.

RJ Peete isn't just a clubhouse attendant with autism. He's a central part of the Dodgers family. The son of former NFL quarterback Rodney Peete and actress Holly Robinson-Peete hasn't let autism stop him from living his dream with the Dodgers.

JSerra High's Ryder Dodd is latest water polo star with Olympian potential. JSerra High's Ryder Dodd has a powerful shot, unlimited potential and senior national team experience. He also has his sights set on the 2024 Olympic Games.

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Nuclear power could save our air quality. At what cost to the water? Nuclear energy creates a problem no one has yet solved. Japan is dumping toxic water into the ocean. Canada proposes storing waste near Lake Huron.

Immigrant communities are indebted to the civil rights movement. But when will they grapple with their own anti-Blackness? On the anniversary of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I Have a Dream" speech, there's a chance for immigrants to learn about America's racial past and build solidarity.

DWP makes it expensive and time-consuming to build new housing. These new policies could help. Los Angeles benefits when it's easier to build homes and to allow economic development and job creation. The city's utility should be an aid, not a barrier, to investment.


An illustration of a group of people including a child and a person in a wheelchair going on a hike together.
(Patrick Hruby / Los Angeles Times)

These 8 L.A. trails are accessible to everyone, from wheelchair users to kids in strollers. We're blessed with a wealth of beautiful and ecologically diverse trails in Southern California, from those that hug the rugged coastline to others that twist through pine-canopied canyons and pastel desert landscapes. But most of these trails aren't accessible to nature lovers with limited mobility, including people who use wheelchairs or other equipment to help them walk, folks who are older or have physical disabilities, and children who aren't yet able to traverse rocky or steep inclines.


The front page of the Aug. 29, 1963, Los Angeles Times
The front page of the Los Angeles Times the day after the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. led the march on Washington and delivered his "I Have a Dream" speech. (Los Angeles Times)

Sixty years ago today, Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his "I Have a Dream" speech from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington.

Take a look through historic photos of Dr. King from the Los Angeles Times' photo archive.

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