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Trista Sutter Breaks Silence About Her Absence and Reunites With Husband Ryan and Kids

See How Kate Gosselin and Jon Gosselin's 8 Kids Have Grown Up Through the Years; Grayson Murray's Cause of Death at 30 Confirmed by His Parents; Kourtney Kardashian Reacts to Son Mason Disick Officially Joining Instagram; and more from E! News... May 26, 2024   View Online   NEWS VIDEOS PHOTOS SHOP NEWS VIDEOS PHOTOS SHOP   Trista Sutter Breaks Silence About Her Absence and Reunites With Husband Ryan and Kids VIEW   See How Kate Gosselin and Jon Gosselin's 8 Kids Have Grown Up Through the Years VIEW   Grayson Murray's Cause of Death at 30 Confirmed by His Parents VIEW   Kourtney Kardashian Reacts to Son Mason Disick Officially Joining Instagram VIEW   The Tragic Truth About Amy Winehouse's Final Days VIEW SEE MORE   Follow @enews    

L.A. councilmember charged with embezzlement, perjury

L.A. City Councilmember Curren Price was charged with embezzlement, perjury and conflict of interest Tuesday, the L.A. County district attorney's office said.
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Click to view images Los Angeles City Councilmember Curren Price, as president pro tem, presides over the council meeting Tuesday. (Myung J. Chun / Los Angeles Times)

By Elvia Limรณn, Kevinisha Walker

Hello, it's Wednesday, June 14, and here are the stories you shouldn't miss today:


Councilmember Curren Price charged with embezzlement, perjury

Los Angeles City Councilmember Curren Price was charged with 10 counts of embezzlement, perjury and conflict of interest, becoming the latest in a years-long parade of elected city officials to face public corruption allegations from state or federal prosecutors.

Price, a 10-year veteran of the City Council, is accused of having a financial interest in development projects that he voted on, and receiving tens of thousands of dollars in medical benefits from the city for his now-wife while he was married to another woman, according to a news release from the L.A. County district attorney's office.

Trump pleads not guilty in federal classified documents case

Former President Trump pleaded not guilty to 37 felony charges in connection with his handling of classified documents and alleged attempts to prevent the government from recovering them.

It marks the first time a former American president has been charged with a federal crime. If found guilty in the case, he could face a lengthy prison term.

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Apache opposition to copper mine tests religious liberty

Apache tribe members say Arizona land slated to be destroyed for a copper mine is sacred. Their legal battle pits the American promise of religious liberty against federal land rights, corporate profits, local jobs and the ravenous global demand for natural resources such as copper.

Oak Flat is a cactus-covered, sun-baked landscape of pinnacled rock formations and Native American archaeological and burial sites, home to a plethora of plants and animals. The deal with Resolution Copper, a Rio Tinto and BHP subsidiary, would transform it into a nearly two-mile-wide, 1,000-foot-deep industrial crater, according to federal planning records.

Cormac McCarthy dies at 89

Cormac McCarthy, the acclaimed fiction writer whose books were regarded as American masterpieces by critics and legions of fans but who refused to offer insight into what had inspired them or what they might mean, has died.

Widely regarded as one of America's greatest modern writers, McCarthy died Tuesday of natural causes at his home in Santa Fe, N.M., according to his publisher, Knopf. He was 89.



From left to right: grilled taco, almeja preparada, octopus taco, smoked kanpachi tostada and seafood stew at Holbox.
Holbox has become one of the city's most stirring dining destinations. No one in Los Angeles has approached mariscos with quite the same merging of soul and finesse. Read more: Gilberto Cetina's Holbox is The Times' 2023 Restaurant of the Year. (Ron De Angelis / For The Times)


Lake Oroville is 100% full as California reservoirs are revived by historic rain and snowmelt. Lake Oroville in Northern California, the state's second-largest reservoir, is at 100% of capacity after a historic rainy season and as a deep snowpack begins to melt.

A priest walked into this taqueria. The owner wanted employees to 'confess' sins at work. Sacramento's Taqueria Garibaldi, already under investigation for alleged wage theft, brought in a priest to get workers to confess about sins they committed at work.

Long Beach plans to purchase property near L.A. River for a homeless shelter. The city leased the site to extend its winter shelter program, but community members asked leaders to purchase it for use as housing for homeless people.

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Pariah or partner? The U.S. navigates a complicated, contradictory relationship with Saudi Arabia. Visits to Saudi Arabia by high-profile U.S. officials are always problematic. The two countries have a love-hate relationship. But the U.S. and Saudi Arabia also need each other — for trade and for broader security arrangements in the Middle East.

Mayor of Tijuana to live at an army base after receiving threats. Mayor Montserrat Caballero announced the decision after confirming that police had found seven corpses stuffed in a pickup truck Monday.

A German curator is on a mission to return silver heirlooms stolen from Jewish families by the Nazis. Thousands of the pieces taken from Jewish owners were melted into about 135 tons of silver and used to help Germany's war efforts. But several museums ended up with hundreds of silver pieces such as candlesticks used to light candles on the eve of Shabbat, kiddush cups to bless the wine, silver spoons and cake servers.


Streaming's most wanted: Why it's so hard to find these iconic film and TV titles. Despite the seemingly infinite sea of content on an ever-expanding array of platforms, many cherished films and TV series remain unavailable to stream, caught in a tangled web of licensing quandaries, rights disputes and ever-shifting corporate strategies.

Zoot suit: How the bold look made history and continues to influence fashion. It has been almost a century since the earliest (and much more modest) versions of the zoot suit began to emerge in urban centers across the United States. Yet the suit is with us still — employed as a formal garment for weddings and proms, as stage attire for pop acts and even as inspiration for high fashion.

'Wheel of Fortune' host Pat Sajak announces 2024 retirement: 'It's been a wonderful ride.' Pat Sajak, the host of "Wheel of Fortune" for more than 40 years, announced his 2024 retirement Monday.


Lisa Marie's daughter to become the sole trustee of her estate after a deal with Priscilla Presley. Riley Keough filed a petition Monday to approve a settlement that would involve an undisclosed payout to her grandmother, Priscilla, who agreed not to be co-trustee of the Lisa Marie Presley estate.

These food delivery drivers will get the nation's first minimum wage for app-based workers. On July 12, a pay rate of $17.96 an hour will take effect — and that minimum wage is set to rise to $19.96 by April 2025, New York City officials said.


John Light explains in black and white why L.A. Country Club is picture-perfect. "You get back there in some places on the North Course and you can't see the city," Light said. "It's like you're in the middle of nowhere. It's gorgeous and stunning."

A ref stopped the Mayweather-Gotti III bout. 'That's when the real fighting started.' "The best punches were thrown after the fight was stopped," said Beto Durรกn, who was covering the pay-per-view bout for the Zeus Network. "Floyd had been toying with him the whole time and Gotti wasn't able to respond. Gotti definitely got his best punches in after the match was called."

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Column: Republicans wanted Clinton prosecuted for her emails. And now they defend Trump? "If you think that Clinton's behavior was comparably bad to Trump's, the reaction can't be, 'So he should get away with it too.' Yet that seems to be the GOP response now," Jonah Goldberg writes.

Opinion: The PGA-LIV merger isn't the problem. Golf is. The LIV-PGA merger suggests golf is big business. So why are we subsidizing it? Let golf courses absorb the true costs they impose on communities.


Ceilings from venues across Los Angeles
The ceilings of the Los Angeles County Natural History Museum, Wilshire Boulevard Temple, Congregational Church of Northridge, Walt Disney Concert Hall, City Hall, Palm Court, CalEdison and Hollywood Vine Metro.
(Teena Apeles; Sandra Stojanoviฤ‡ / Los Angeles City Hall; Brian van der Brug and Gary Friedman / Los Angeles Times

Searching for a new way to see L.A.? Just look up at these spectacular ceilings.

Let this guide be a starting point for your adventures in looking up. The list, presented in chronological order by each destination's completion date (the oldest was unveiled in 1911), predictably includes historic movie palaces, performing arts venues and places of worship — spaces intended to transport us out of our everyday lives. But other destinations may surprise you: a tiny drinking hole, a neighborhood library or office buildings in the middle of downtown L.A.


A black-and-white photo of a group of children standing behind barbed wire fencing
A picture taken just after the liberation by the Soviet army in January 1945 shows a group of children in concentration camp uniforms behind barbed wire fencing at the Nazis' Auschwitz concentration camp. (Associated Press)

On this day in 1940, the first transport of Polish political prisoners arrived at Auschwitz, which became Nazi Germany's largest concentration, extermination and slave-labor camp where more than 1 million people died.

Before he died in March 2020, Los Angeles resident Ralph Hakman was among the last remaining survivors of the concentration camp where 1.3 million were imprisoned.

In January 2020, The Times documented Hakman's journey back to Auschwitz and adjacent Birkenau, a place where he spent three years of his young life.

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