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Kevin Costner Breaks Silence on Jewel Romance Rumors

Shaboozey Shares How Beyoncรฉ Inspired Him After Cowboy Carter Collab; Billy Ray Cyrus Accuses Ex Firerose of Conducting "Campaign" to Isolate Him From Family; What Justin Timberlake Told Police During DWI Arrest; and more from E! News... June 19, 2024   View Online   NEWS STYLE LIVING SHOP NEWS STYLE LIVING SHOP   We know everyone is still buzzing about Justin Timberlake's run-in with the law , but here's what we're currently yapping about: Taylor Swift and Gracie Abrams' girls night gone bad , Ariana Grande's reaction to fans' criticism over her voice, Kylie Jenner and son Aire belting out the ABC's in an adorable new video and more...   Kevin Costner Breaks Silence on Jewel Romance Rumors Kevin Costner got candid when addressing claims he's dating Jewel, saying the singer is very "special" to him. Kevin Costner got candid when addressing claims he's dating J

U.S. is rejecting asylum seekers at higher rates

A new Biden administration policy has dramatically lowered the percentage of migrants at the southern border who enter the U.S. and are deemed eligible for asylum.
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Click to view images Venezuelan migrants walk across the Rio Grande from Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, toward the U.S. border to surrender to border patrol officials. (Christian Chavez / Associated Press)

By Elvia Limรณn, Kevinisha Walker

Hello, it's Wednesday, June 21, and here are the stories you shouldn't miss today:


Rejecting asylum seekers at much higher rates

A new Biden administration policy has dramatically lowered the percentage of migrants at the southern border who enter the United States and are allowed to apply for asylum, according to numbers revealed in legal documents obtained by The Times. Without these new limits to asylum, border crossings could overwhelm local towns and resources, a Department of Homeland Security official warned a federal court in a filing this month.

The new asylum policy is the centerpiece of the Biden administration's border efforts.

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'Banging' heard, raising hopes that passengers of vanished Titanic tourist sub are still alive

As search-and-rescue teams raced against the clock Tuesday to find a submersible that vanished on an expedition to explore the wreck of the Titanic, a group associated with two of the people believed to be on board issued a statement saying there was "cause for hope" that the passengers were alive.

As of Tuesday afternoon, officials believed there were about 40 hours of emergency oxygen left in the submersible, named the Titan, based on the initial air supply of 96 hours.

Harris-Dawson raises questions about Price charges

The Los Angeles City Council regrouped Tuesday, electing Councilmember Marqueece Harris-Dawson to serve as its next president pro tempore.

The council's No. 2 role was previously held by Councilmember Curren Price, who stepped down from the position last week after being charged with perjuring himself by failing to disclose his wife's business dealings with developers whose projects he voted on, and with embezzling city funds by having his now-wife receive spousal health benefits when they were not legally married.

Speaking to reporters shortly after the vote, Harris-Dawson called the situation facing Price "unsettling." Harris-Dawson also said the case has left him and others "scratching their heads."

California's highest-earning college majors may surprise you

Community college graduates in healthcare fields generally outearn humanities students even from elite universities such as Stanford, UC Berkeley and UCLA, underscoring how much majors can matter.

Amid fears about college costs and loan debt burdens, more students and families are looking to higher education for clear career dividends rather than a general quest for intellectual enrichment, one expert said. That trend has accelerated since higher education costs began to climb after the 2008 recession, he added.



Haitian asylum seeker Beginne Morancy at an undisclosed motel
Haitian asylum seeker Beginne Morancy, who crossed the border with his wife, Sandia Siverne, and son, Rood Morancy Siverne, at an undisclosed shelter provided by Galilee Center in Riverside County. Read more: "After seeking asylum, families at this California shelter take their first steps in the U.S." (Irfan Khan / Los Angeles Times)


L.A. public health officials warn about fentanyl-tainted pills in Mexican drug stores. Los Angeles health officials caution travelers against purchasing prescriptions over-the-counter in Mexico.

Court-appointed doctor says the alleged Davis serial stabber is not competent to stand trial. Prosecutors in the Davis stabbing case objected to a doctor's finding that suspect Carlos Reales Dominguez is not mentally competent and asked for a jury trial on the issue.

Retail theft keeps climbing. California Atty. Gen. Bonta tries a new tactic to fight it. Retail theft is a major problem in California and the rest of the nation, merchants and law enforcement officials say. The state is trying something new.

The family of Keenan Anderson files a wrongful death suit against the Los Angeles Police Department. The family of Keenan Anderson is suing the LAPD, alleging its officers used excessive force when they tasered the high school teacher during a traffic stop in January.

What's killing hundreds of sea lions and dozens of dolphins along the Southern California coast? More than 1,000 marine mammals along the Southern California coast have gotten sick or died because of the bloom of toxic algae, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

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A Vatican document highlights the church's need to promote women and welcome LGBTQ+ people. The reform is a concrete step toward what Pope Francis calls "synodality," a new way of being a church that envisions more co-responsibility in the key mission of spreading the Catholic faith.

Self-described misogynist Andrew Tate was charged with rape and human trafficking in Romania. Divisive social media personality Andrew Tate and his brother, Tristan, have been charged with rape, human trafficking and forming a criminal gang to exploit women, prosecutors in Romania said Tuesday.


Eugene Levy travels the world — whether he wants to or not. For Apple TV+'s 'The Reluctant Traveler,' the comic actor has to — gasp — be himself on camera. But he soon gets the hang of it.

TV's 7 deadly scenes: Last words from some of the dearly departed. Death comes to us all, but not every TV character who dies on a show gets a juicy exit line. Obviously, if you're not caught up on your favorite shows, there are spoilers ahead.

Center Theatre Group in crisis: Inside the Mark Taper Forum's closure and the upheaval in L.A. arts. The pause in programming at the Taper is a particularly big blow to women playwrights and playwrights of color following a firestorm of criticism about gender inequality.

The search for Julian Sands resumes months after the actor disappeared near Mt. Baldy. The search for the "Room With a View" star is back on, after months of weather-related delays in the Mt. Baldy area.


'Modern-day sex Jesus' Damon Lawner is back, with an erotic dinner club where anything goes. Damon Lawner used to throw legendary sex parties as the founder of SNCTM, a secretive club for the super-rich and powerful. Now, he's back with a members-only restaurant where anything goes.

As high-rise offices lose their luster, can this part of downtown L.A. find a way forward? For the area to truly come back to life, many say it will need to follow the path of Lower Manhattan. The financial capital of New York faced an exodus after 9/11, but city officials and investors staved it off by making it a place of more diverse uses.


LeBron James' youngest son is transferring, and helping transform his new school. With Bryce's arrival at Campbell Hall, along with other sons of NBA players and the hiring of former UCLA assistant David Grace as coach, the school is building itself into the next beacon for viral high school hoops.

Commentary: 'Enough is enough.' Too much soccer is aggravating MLS players and coaches. Apparently it is possible to have too much of a good thing. Because with the conclusion of the CONCACAF Nations League on Sunday in Las Vegas and the kickoff of the Gold Cup coming up Saturday in Chicago, we're entering a summer of soccer in the U.S. that is far too crowded.

The fall and decline of the Dodgers empire. You never know what you really have until it's gone.

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Opinion: AI-assisted writing is close to becoming as standard as spell check. Here's the catch. "If we turn to AI to do the writing, we're not going to be doing the thinking either. That may not matter if you're writing an email to set up a meeting, but it will matter if you're writing a business plan, a policy statement or a court case," writes Jane Rosenzweig.

Opinion: Forcing rape victims to pay for emergency medical care is devastating and cruel. "For many survivors, getting medical care after rape comes with an impossible price tag. Knowing they can't afford a $3,600 medical bill, they will never seek care at all," Samuel Dickman writes.

Column: Most Americans think life was better 50 years ago. That's ridiculous. "When Americans say things were better 50 years ago, do they mean the runaway 'stagflation' — high inflation plus low growth? The lines to buy gas? The Vietnam War? Watergate?" Jonah Goldberg writes.


Animation of plants on a floor of a plant shop with cat
(VISBII / For The Times)

From longtime family-run plant stores such as Mickey Hargitay Plants and Sunset Nursery to recent startups including Latinx With Plants and Tansy, plant stores capture the essence of L.A. — a surprising, welcoming, multicultural mix that imbues every neighborhood in the city with goodwill.

Here is a look at a few of our favorites.


Two WNBA players battle for rebound position during a basketball game
Los Angeles Sparks' Lisa Leslie, left, and the New York Liberty's Rebecca Lobo battle for rebound position during the first half of a WNBA basketball game at the Great Western Forum in Inglewood. (Associated Press)

On this day 26 years ago, the New York Liberty beat the Los Angeles Sparks 67-57 in the first game of the Women's National Basketball Assn. at the Forum.

The crowd of 14,284 was the largest to see a women's basketball game in Los Angeles since the 1984 Olympics and the largest ever for a women's pro game in the United States.

In 2020, The Times wrote a retrospective about the inaugural game.

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